GREAT NEWS! We have just updated Melba’s Chocolates & Confectionery ONLINE SHOP, so you can get these yummy sweets anytime!

Red and Green Frogs (150g), $3 BUY ONLINE
Can’t decide between green and red frogs?
Have them both! Soft, chewy, fun-shaped – everyone loves them!

Fried Eggs (150g), $3 BUY ONLINE
These fruit-flavoured mini Fried Eggs are another original classic favourite. Now available online!

Mini Dots (150g), $3 BUY ONLINE
Colourful and refreshing especially in summer, Melba’s Mini Dots will please all the jelly sweet fans.

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Butterscotch (170g), $4 BUY ONLINE
You will love the authentic buttery, brown-sugary flavour of Melba’s Butterscotch Boils. Simply irresistible.