Melba’s Toffee Room

The Toffee Room is the largest production room in our Woodside chocolate factory. It was originally part of the large gallery where the Cheese Whey Tanks were located, but today our Toffee Room is specifically divided off for the manufacture of toffee.

The large viewing area, allows visitors to watch our Production team busy at work, producing a vast array of old Australian favourites including our famous Inch Licorice Block, Traffic Lights and our Peanut Brittle.

Check out the fun video of our Traffic Light Depositor, which can be found in our Toffee Room. Watch as we show you the colourful way we produce these delicious toffee rounds.

Besides our Traffic Light Depositor, when producing the batches of product, our team use the copper pots located at the back of the room. Depending on the type of product, they use the old-fashioned Cooking Fire, and then pitch the product onto the Confectioner’s Slab. These Slabs are heavy steel water jacketed tables, designed to cool the batch at a steady rate so it is at a workable consistency.

For the Inch Licorice, the team also make use of the Caramel Break, which works the Licorice Block into the necessary consistency. Our experienced team are specially trained in the production of these goods and are always happy to explain the process to visitors.

Horizontal Flow Packing Machine

Products are also packed in this room using the Horizontal Flow Pack Machine. This machine is set to wrap Inch Licorice Blocks, our fudge range, Melba’s Plain & Flavoured Blocks and the products available in our Specialty Bags.

This Toffee Room is home to the production of some of our most famous products. From Traffic Lights to, Inch Licorice, you’ll find an array of tasty treats at our Woodside factory in the Adelaide Hills.