Our Woodside Factory

Melba’s Chocolate Factory is a ‘working’ tourism factory located in a heritage listed complex 40 minutes from Adelaide, South Australia; in the picturesque township of Woodside in the Adelaide Hills.

From 1919 the South Australian Farmers’ Cooperative Union made the site famous by producing cheese, butter, margarine and small goods, which were recognised worldwide. This activity ceased in 1976.

From that year, the buildings lay abandoned until 1990 when Melba’s original proprietors and directors, Joy and Graeme Foristal arrived. With 1940’s era chocolate and confectionery making equipment, they began their dream making old Australian favourite chocolate and confectionery.

Visitors today find the old cheese factory transformed into a large emporium style chocolate and confectionery factory shop. This is a centrepiece for 6 different rooms, where various manufacturing processes can be viewed. These are the Chocolate Room, Depositing Room, Packing Room, Panning Room, Toffee Room and the Cooling Tunnel.

Visitors are encouraged to speak to the staff who have mastered the use of the heritage equipment, making old fashioned favourites in the time honoured tradition. Old favourites such as, Inch Licorice Block, Traffic Lights and Rocky Road are all made onsite. To tempt chocolate lovers, there is the constant aroma of chocolate and confectionery being made…..yum!

All in all, this package makes the factory a popular family attraction as well as a significant Hill’s destination for families, groups, charters and local, interstate and international visitors.

When planning your visit, please be aware that due to orders from wholesalers, sales through our retail shop, and other external factors, we cannot guarantee what production will be taking place at any one particular time. Depending on demand, our staff may be involved in work other than the production of confectionery or chocolate.