This is a long structure which runs the length of the building. A range of fillings such as marshmallows, turkish delight, aniseed rings and cherry slice are chocolate coated by passing through the enrobing machine.  The enrober creates a curtain of liquid chocolate and the items to be coated are placed on a conveyor belt and run through the chocolate curtain.


Once coated in chocolate the item passes under an air curtain and over a vibrating plate to remove the excess chocolate.  They continue on through the cooling tunnel where they slowly set before reaching the ‘off-load’ room where they are packed out for our shop.

Cow Pats are also produced using the Cooling Tunnel where they are packaged into cello bags and sent to the depositing room for header carding. These are available in milk chocolate cherry, apricot, coconut, peanut, milk or dark chocolate rocky road, and milk or dark chocolate fruit and nut.