Melba’s Depositing Room

Founder Graeme Foristal was central in the acquisition and restoration of our Depositing Machine in the early 1980’s. Manufactured by a local engineer, it was purpose-built for an Australian company in order to produce its Easter egg range. After its purchase and before it was fit for use, Graeme had to replace the geared motors, with single phase motors and adjust the speed of the machine using belts.

Today, our Depositing Machine, nicknamed ‘Bessie,’ sits central to this room. Fully functional, our team produce a number of quality products using this late 20th century machine, including our Giant Specialty Range, Numbers, Alphabets and in particular our Counter Products. Besides our traditional Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, Melba’s produce a range of flavoured treats, like our Strawberry, Caramel, Green Mint and Banana Chocolates, all created and run-through our Depositing Machine.

Besides our everyday delicious chocolates, we produce all of our Easter and Christmas Hollow forms in our Depositing Room. Once our Production Team have poured the chocolate into the Hollow form moulds, they are placed on the Mould Spinner. This Mould Spinner ensures that the chocolate is evenly spread and has a hollow centre.

Our Depositing Team produce hundreds and thousands of delicious chocolates right here at our Woodside factory. From chocolate frogs to giant chocolate alphabets, you’ll find it being made in our Depositing Room.