If you love technology and heritage, watch this movie about restoring and refurbishing a 1958 Forgrove 22B Twist Wrapper bought by Melba’s Chocolates. There are no electronic parts in it, it’s all mechanical. All parts also have a unique number (to make replacement easier) and the machine comes with a well-written manual.

You may well ask, why all the hassle and trouble when today’s wrapping machines are all shiny and fast. The answer is simple – we appreciate good old craftsmanship, we are commited to keep traditions alive.

It’s because Melba’s Chocolates & Confectionery come with a story, so you know you are getting something very special.

H. J. Webnan’s ‘History of the Forgrove Machinery Company Ltd 1901 – 1951’ Records:
The development of this machine was begun by Mr. A. (Alec) Russell and Mr. (H.E.) Gregory in answer to an enquiry from M.r Young for a machine that would twist-wrap 12 different sizes, which seemed at first an extravagant request. The 22b was one of the first Forgrove machines to be put back into production immediately after WW2.
Read more: http://www.bphs.net/HistoryOfKeyBusinesses/Packaging/index.htm#4

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