We can imagine that it looks easy, but believe us, to create a perfect CHOCOLATE COATING on jelly snakes requires a lot of skills, perfect timing, right setting of the chocolate enrobing machine, not to mention right chocolate temperature as well as cooling temperature.

The process of enrobing involves placing the items on the enrober’s feed band, which may consist of a wire mesh or containers in which the confection to be enrobed are placed, with each container having drain holes to recover excess chocolate. The enrober maintains the coating medium at a controlled constant temperature and pumps the medium into a flow pan. The medium flows from the flow pan in a continuous curtain and bottoming bed that the food items pass through, completely coating them. A wire mesh conveyor belt then transports the coated confection to a cooling area.

Chocolate curtain ‘in action’
You can see all this in action at Melba’s Chocolate Factory in Woodside 😉