Every day is a fabulous day at Melba’s Chocolate Factory… But…

It’s normal when your emotion swings! New introducing the Daily Mood Flip Chart design by Fred & Friends. The Daily mood flipchart is featuring 47 different mood, imagine how hilarious this thing could be on your desk, especially as your mood changes when interacting with your colleagues. You can follow your state of emotion and display your chosen mood on the front. In the meantime, you can read all about it on the back – included definitions, not-so-famous quotes, usage examples, and other informative stuff about each mood. This Daily Mood Flip Chat surely brings laughter to your boring cubes.

47 different moods include:
Addled, Aggravated, Antisocial, Apathetic, Astonished, Borderline, Bouncy, Cantankerous, Chill, Chipper, Contemplative, Copacetic, Cranky, Carzed, Deprived, Dreamlike, Emo, Fabulous, Focused, Fuzzy, Giddy, Grumpy, Heroic, Hunky-Dory, Inspired, Listless, Managerial, Maniacal, Mischievous, Misunderstood, Neglected, Nonessential, Overstimulated, Peckish, Postal, Puzzled, Quixotic, Redundant, Rockin’, Rushed, Scattered, Snarky, Spent, Splendid, Subversive, Wired, Wonky.
You definitely need this funny thing on your desk.