Time has certainly flown by. We’re already part-way through Mad March, and we’re just keeping up! But we’re not complaining. There’s nothing better than a buzzing atmosphere in our Woodside factory. It’s always fun meeting and greeting tourists and locals, and helping them search through our endless range of chocolates and confectionery!

At the moment, our factory is alive with Easter preparations and if you’ve visited us recently, you would’ve noticed the colourful decorations and goodies on offer for the upcoming celebrations! Never has there been as much giftware, homewares and novelty items available, our factory is packed the the brim with endless surprises and delectable treats.

Speaking of Easter, back in 1993, Melba’s Chocolates became a national icon with the introduction of Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Bilby’s. After receiving a request from a Rebecca Hart and her fellow classmates to make an Easter Bilby almost 23 years ago, many speculated at the success of such an idea. Yet, to this day, the Easter Bilby has become one of South Australia’s most sought after Easter animals. And this year, in celebration of our 25th year at the Woodside factory, we are continuing the tradition. The Bilby’s will be available along with the rest of our Easter collection, in store and online!

It’s no shock that at Easter time, Easter Eggs are a staple item amongst the mix of delectable treats. Last year, our eggs sold out! So if you’re looking for our bite-sized treats for your Easter Egg hunt, it’s better to come in sooner rather than later!

Melba’s Chocolates is open every day of the Easter weekend, Good Friday to Easter Monday, 9am – 4.30pm. It’s our busiest time of year, so you’d best be popping in early and picking up your Easter goodies before they hop out the door!

If you live interstate, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! Our online store has a large selection of our Easter range with shipping available across Australia. If you’re looking to shop online, please place your order by the 18th March 2016 so it arrives in time!

Check out a few of our Easter treats below. All of the varieties shown are in milk chocolate, however a number of varieties are also offered in dark and white chocolate . These chocolate treats are not to scale, with some available in multiple sizes. Visit us online to view the entire range!


Melba's Milk Chocolate Running BunnyMelba's Easter Milk Chocolate Bilby  Melba's Milk Chocolate Hen in BasketMelba's Milk Chocolate Laughing Rabbit Melba's Milk Chocolate Rabbit with Basket

If you have any questions about our range, feel free to contact us at our Woodside factory on (08) 8389 7868. Or email us at admin@melbaschocolates.com.au

Have a delicious Easter and we hope to see you over the long-weekend!