Christmas is a mere six weeks away, and with the impending arrival of Santa Claus there’s an obvious sense of excitement throughout the Adelaide Hills. Last week our city was a spectacle of colour as South Australia marked the start of the Christmas season with the Credit Union Christmas Pageant. Children and families lined the streets to welcome the coveted King, Queen, Princes and Princesses of the pageant. The excitement was felt in our factory at Woodside, where children were describing the experiences from the pageant and their anticipation for Santa’s ever-so-soon arrival. Yet before we reach the 25th of December and we can truly celebrate with loved ones, our team at Melba’s are preparing for the rush of eager visitors to our factory. And with the announcement of our Twilight Trading hours from the 16th to 23rd of December, our factory is buzzing with Christmas cheer.

Christmas @ Melba’s 2016

For Christmas this year, our team at Melba’s were eager to get back into the swing of tradition. So it’s no surprise we’ve decided to open our doors to our Twilight Trading once again, but with a little extra festivity. From the 16th to the 23rd of December, 9am – 10pm, Melba’s will be alight with activities for the whole family. Join us for Christmas @ Melba’s – click here for more info!

Adelaide Hills Festivities

Although the eagerness for our own celebration can be felt within our team at Melba’s, the Adelaide Hills have also come alive with reds and greens, as businesses alike celebrate this festive season. From the Lobethal Lights, to numerous local Christmas pageants, communities unite to welcome the celebration. This week alone the Hills have welcomed the Stirling Christmas Pageant, with the Blackwood, Mount Barker and Lobethal Christmas parades over the next few weeks. These parades welcome children and adults to partake in activities of all types. From float creations to walking amongst the crowds or lining the streets, communities have the opportunity to share in the festivities that December offers.

Lights of Lobethal

An icon of Christmas in the Adelaide Hills, and the state for that matter, are the Lights of Lobethal, which have been lighting up the Hills for over sixty years. The lights are now recognised as the largest Community Christmas Light Display in the Southern Hemisphere! For all South Australian’s the Lobethal Lights are a must-do activity for the whole family, and with over 700 homes partaking every year, along with businesses, there’s always something new to see. Having been in the Adelaide Hills for twenty-five years, you could say our team are well accustomed to the beauty of the Lobethal Lights. But as every Christmas comes and goes, for the Melba’s family a highlight always seems to be the spirit and sense of community the Lobethal Lights bring to the Hills. And it’s always exciting to hear the stories from visitors and tourists who flood the state and witness the display. Since more than 250,000 people visit the country-town to explore the light spectacle, it’s no surprise that the Lobethal Lights are one of the most iconic displays in the world.


Yet, this isn’t the only highlight of the Adelaide Hills over the Christmas season. Besides being one of the oldest German villages in Australia, Hahndorf is well recognised for its Christmas market, ‘Christkindlmarkt,’ an annual European-style Christmas market, capturing the essence of the traditional and historic nature of the German village. This market welcomes local artists, creators and businesses and it a true celebration of the Adelaide Hills and the produce, crafts, gifts and sweets all on our doorstep, and in the spectacular spirit of Christmas.

Whether you’re a local or visiting South Australia with family, the Adelaide Hills are alive with the festivals of Christmas cheer. From the Lobethal Lights to the Hahndorf Christmas market and our very own Melba’s Twilight Trading, there’s something for everyone in the Adelaide Hills this season.