The weather has well and truly taken a turn. The cold, rainy weather has just about set in as we prepare for winter in the Adelaide Hills. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. And it certainly won’t at our Woodside factory…

Although Woodside experiences its fair share of bitterly cold mornings, the views are enough to make it worth while. Our staff have the pleasure of driving through some of the most picturesque scenery on their way to the factory – what could be better! And besides the beautiful surroundings, the factory is a hub of delicious chocolate that is sure to warm you up. We’ve put together a list of the top selling winter-warmers for the upcoming season – and they’re sure to hit the spot. There’s nothing tastier than our rich, creamy dark chocolate, and these varieties are sure to be the perfect treat…

Dark Chilli Slab

It’ll hit the spot that’s for sure. Our Dark Chilli Slab is a combination of our creamy, rich Dark Chocolate, ground chilli and chilli flakes. The Dark Chilli Slab is perfect for those who crave a little ‘kick’ from their normal chocolate indulgence.

All made on site at our Woodside factory by our Production Team, and later hand-packaged, this slab is also available in Milk Chocolate.

There’s an option for all chilli-fans out there!

Melba's TV MixMelba’s TV Mix

So you’re sitting in front of the TV, fire dancing in front of you, and wondering what else you could possibly need. Well, a snack of course! Our Melba’s TV Mix is the best of everything our product range has to offer; including varieties like Milk & Dark Chocolate Peanuts, Almonds, Licorice Bullets, Milk Chocolate Freckles and Smarties! It’s all your favourites!

Our TV Mix is available in 140g and 500g bags, there’s an option no matter how many people are indulging.

Melba's Coffee BeansMilk, Dark & White Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

We bet that during winter, the dreary, dark days make you a little more sleepy. All we want to do is curl up, sleep and be warm, but for obvious reasons we can’t do that – we have a factory to run! And with this in mind, we created our delicious Milk, Dark & White Chocolate Coffee Beans. This chocolate variety is available in any of our three chocolates!

And if you’re heading our way, and craving a classic winter treat, you can’t go past our Milk and now White Hot Chocolates! These treats are exclusive to our Woodside factory and are all made using our own chocolate. If you’ve walked past our coffee shop you would’ve noticed the chocolate kettles filled with oozing, melted chocolate. Yum!

There are so many iconic places to visit this winter in the Adelaide Hills. So don’t stay home, venture out and visit SA’s best kept secrets and attractions. You wouldn’t want to miss out!