Have you tried our Turkish Delight before? It’s produced at our Woodside factory, and is quite the sight, if you ask us!

You’ve probably seen it for yourself, watched the oozing display of colour being heated, poured and stirred in our Toffee Room. It’s just as delicious as it looks, and this week Marko showed us the steps to achieving the perfect batch of Turkish Delight…

There’s nothing more exciting than watching the process unfold at our factory, but that takes a couple of days. The videos below show a quick snapshot, and demonstrate the wonderful ‘pop’ of colour.

Step 1: Combine Ingredients

Firstly, Marko combines the initial ingredients and heats the Large Vat to 58 degrees celsius. This primary step, if not heated to that exact temperature, will see the mixture (pectin) turn lumpy. It’s all about precision with our Turkish Delight!

Step 2: Add Sugar & Boil

Next, we add sugar and heat the batch to near boiling; before adding the glucose.


The fun part is still to come, as Marko adds the glucose and the mixture foams up; bubbling as the temperature climbs (this is what you see in the video above).

Step 3: Add Colour and Flavours

When it reaches it’s optimal temperature, the colour is added. Our production team adds a traditional rose and raspberry flavouring to give it the authentic Turkish Delight taste. Yum!

Step 4: Transfer, Set & Cut

Once all of the ingredients are combined, we move the syrup-like substance into lined trays, cover them in plastic and let them set overnight.

Depending on demand, the Turkish Delight is cut into square pieces, dusted with sugar and boxed up ready for hand packaging or chocolate-coating.

Step 5: Coating

It’s from here, that we either chocolate-coat the pieces of Turkish Delight, or leave them dusted in sugar. We chocolate-coat our Turkish Delight, amongst other products, using our Enrobing Machine and the Cooling Tunnel (as featured in video below).


Check out the videos and let us know what you think! It’s not everyday you get to read about how we make our famous Turkish Delight!