Running from the 1st – 10th of September, the Royal Adelaide Show has nearly arrived. Our team at our Woodside factory, begun preparations in May, are excited to see what the ten days will bring!

This year we’re bringing down your Melba’s favourites, from confectionery goodies, like our Spearmint LeavesJelly Party Mix and Mixed Berries to our chocolate treats, from Milk RaspberriesMilk Licorice Bullets and all our famous Show Bags! You’ll be spoiled for choice.

For over a decade we’ve been heading down to the Show and setting up at the Old Ram’s Shed. This year, like many previously, we’re bringing with us over 80 varieties, equating to over 30,000 individual bags packaged, priced and boxed! Over 12 palettes of Melba’s treats are transported to the Showgrounds, with stock continuously being produced and sent down by our team at our Woodside factory over the ten days. It’s quite a task, and Operations Manager Jack is busy making sure it’s all ready to go, and nothing’s left behind or forgotten.

Besides our yummy products…

Our Chocolate Streamer is again on its way down to the Royal Adelaide Show, along with the 100kgs of chocolate that we’ll be melting inside. This year, like many previously, you’ll be able to try the Chocolate Streamer with your selection of Marshmallows or Raspberry/Licorice Twists! It’ll be a hard choice! And our team are no strangers to the temptations, as you’ll probably find us sneaking a chocolate here or there – but can you blame us?!

Come by and check out the Chocolate Streamer at our Choc-Box, at the Old Ram Shed!

…And if you’re looking for something for the kids

Our Show Bags are back at the Old Ram’s Shed. We’ve got something for everyone, no matter your age, Melba’s is the place to go. And the best part – they’ve got your name on them! From our MumDad and Kid’s Bag, to our animal-themed and mega Choc-A-Block Bag, there’s a Melba’s Show Bag for you!

How to find us!

Looking for Melba’s Chocolates? We’ll be located in the Old Ram Shed, directly across from the Main Arena, between the Foodland Pavilion and Isuzu Ute Woodcutting Arena. If you can’t seem to spot us when you’re there, download the helpful map!

So if you’re heading to the Royal Adelaide Show this September, be sure to come by and say ‘G’Day’! Our team would love to meet you all! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for snaps from the Show, and to see all the antics we get up to!