After demand for years, our Operations Manager Jack has caved in and created the one product we’ve all been after – Melba’s Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Slab!

Our team are excited to announce the arrival of our newest product, the Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Slab! This creamy combination of sweet honey and Melba’s milk chocolate, is possibly the best thing since sliced bread. Our production team work tirelessly to ensure that there’s the perfect chocolate to honeycomb ratio! This is a difficult task, especially when you love it as much as our visitors seem to. You may even notice some of our team nibbling on bits as they work on the latest batch…shhhhh.

This week, Jack and our entire Production Team treated visitors to a demonstration on how we make it. Using our traditional and old-style techniques, our team combined the delicious honeycomb bits with creamy milk chocolate. They stirred the ingredients together until it was an appropriate consistency and poured it onto the previously prepared steel tables in the Chocolate Room.

Choc Honeycomb Blog

Letting it sit for about 20minutes, the team wait until the chocolate is set before boxing it up ready for our shop staff to hand pack. Making over 20kg of the Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Slab may seem like a lot, but that usually sells out within a week – leaving our team the ‘painful’ task of making it all over again – how stressful!

Our Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Slab is currently only available at our Woodside factory. When our Production Team catch up with the high demand, we’ll be sure to put it on the website for the whole of Australia to experience! So watch this space…

For more information about our Slab range, or to visit our factory and watch our production methods for yourself, check out our website! Also keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page – we love sharing images and videos of our team crafting some of your Melba’s favourites!