Ever wondered how we chocolate coat some of your Melba’s favourites? Well, you’re wishes are our commands, as our team jots down some of their tips and tricks when it comes to some of our most popular chocolate-coated nuts and confectionery!

Some of our most popular chocolate treats are covered in delicious, creamy milk chocolate. From our famous Turkish Delight to our scrumptious Snowballs, we just can’t seem to coat enough yummy sweets. There’s no surprise why we coat these treats, it’s because they just taste so good!

If you’re familiar with our factory in Woodside, you’d know that along the right-side wall – there’s an enrobing machine and cooling tunnel that’s hidden. This gem is responsible for coating these bite-sized treats, and it’s possibly one of our favourites as it’s the most visual exhibition at our factory. The Cooling Tunnel is a long structure, that runs the length of the building, and works in conjunction with our Enrobing Machine. Working together to create the delicious combinations of Milk Chocolate and Turkish Delight, Dark Raspberry Twists and mouthwatering Milk Snowballs.

Wondering how they work together?

The Enrobing Machine creates a cascade of liquid chocolate, which the individual products move through before they head down the Cooling Tunnel. Once chocolate-coated, the treats pass under an air curtain and over a vibrating plate to remove the excess chocolate. As they continue through the Cooling Tunnel, the chocolate sets. Once they reach the end of the Cooling Tunnel, they’re packaged up and stored in our Chocolate Room, or immediately hand packed depending on demand. As you’re watching this unfold at our Woodside factory, you might notice some of our team members nibbling on their favourites! There’s nothing tastier than chocolate treats straight off the enrobing machine.

Watch below and see for yourself!


Besides these bite-sizes treats, the Cooling Tunnel is responsible for the creation of our famous Cow Pats. Mixed by hand, these Pats are placed on plastic plates, and moved down the tunnel to set.

Come in and watch the magic yourself. Although we can’t guarentee when the Enrobing Machine and Cooling Tunnel will be in use, our team are always eager to talk through our methods of production with you. There’s always something fun and exciting happening at our Woodside factory.