The last two years have been years like no-others; Australia as a whole was affected by Bush fires, floods, world-wide pandemics, to name a few!

As a community and the direct hurdles and challenges we had to face, we did so with all your support.

This Christmas, to show our appreciation, we raised money and awareness for the CFS Foundation and their Volunteer Firefighters.

As you may know, this time last year our Factory was saved by emergency services personnel many of whom were CFS volunteers, for this, we’ll be forever thankful!

If you visited our Factory in the lead-up and during the Christmas period, you would be aware that if you provided a gold coin donation, you would have received a Christmas card decoration, which we placed on our Christmas tree and our Factory on your behalf.

We are happy to announce that along with our community, we have raised a massive $6.5k! Thank you to all who visited our Factory and help raise funds to a great foundation! All money raised will go to supporting their Volunteer firefighters.

To find out more about the CFS Foundation and their Volunteer Firefighters visit

A final thank you goes to Open Book Howden for donating the CFS donation cards, which beautifully decorated our tree and our Factory.

Thank you from the team at Melba’s!

Watch the video below to see what our Christmas Tree and Factory look like decorated, being decorated by all your kind donations!