Inch Licorice Block Display Box 2kg

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Contains 40 x 50g bars

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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 12 cm

14 reviews for Inch Licorice Block Display Box 2kg

  1. Sharon

    This is the best licorice in the world. No exaggeration. I have been fortunate to travel the world a little, currently living in the US, and have tried to find anything comparable! I grew up in West Beach and the inch licorice was always my favorite. I am delighted find they are available directly from the source. Thx

  2. Gary murphy

    This licorice is the bomb. From school days till now still love this stuff. Choo Choo bars have gone off and melbas is is class A. Regards Gary

  3. Gary murphy

    This licorice is the bomb. From school days till now still love this stuff. melbas is is class A. Regards Gary

  4. Erica

    Best licorice ever!
    Also makes the most delicious licorice ice cream.
    Just reduce it with a little hot water & mix it into some vanilla ice cream.
    So yummy.

  5. Janet

    I miss Choo Choo Bars but no more!!!!
    Thanks Melba’s for bringing back a favourite!
    Like your licorice hard…..this is it!

  6. Susan Wilson

    I was in Mt Gambier & came across the Inch Licorice Block!!! THE best memories of my childhood have returned…I have bought a few to “sustain” 🤣😍me until I purchase the box. Many thanks for such a great treat…wish you made Choo Choo bars as not what they used to be!

  7. John

    Reminds me off the old school days tuck shop in the late 1966 still taste the same

  8. Tricia

    Absolutely the best licorice in the world
    Use to buy it from the milk bar 45 years ago and as a young kid!
    Now this big kid still LOVES IT

  9. Keith Aller (verified owner)

    Choo Choo bars were my favorite but now can’t compete with 1 inch licorice. Bought some today and was over charged. Decided to see if I can buy direct and found I can. Ordered a box. Will be back for more.

  10. susana lazar

    I looked for Choo Choo bars forever and could only rarely find them, then I found this! Omg it changed my world, I can’t even try a Choo Choo bar anymore it just doesn’t compare🤷‍♀️
    Love, love, love this Liciouse 😁

  11. Nathan

    Ordered a few of these from a store not long ago. Not the best but still good. It is hard to discern the licorice in this particular bar, very subtle flavor. It might be just me, but it is still nice though. Will buy more some time.

  12. Tricia

    This is the BEST licorice EVER……..

  13. Andrew (verified owner)

    This licorice is absolutely ridiculously good. Kind of starts off like a boiled lolly then goes very chewy and licoricey.

  14. Martin (verified owner)

    I first discovered the inch licorice blocks in 1998 whilst living in Adelaide. As others have said the same as the licorice blocks and Choo Choo bars from my childhood that I loved and had missed so much. My Dad born in 1930 said that they tasted the same as licorice blocks from when he was a kid. Don’t ever change your recipe. I’m about to order some more!

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