The weeks have flown by at our Woodside factory, it’s already winter! So with that in mind, we decided to give our fans a little insight into what’s been happening at our factory over the past couple of months…

Production, production & more production…

If you’ve visited our factory over the past couple of weeks you may have noticed we’ve been producing some of your favourites non-stop! Our team can’t keep up with demand, and are loving the craziness this time of year brings. There’s nothing more exciting that  producing chocolate goodies – especially when they’re crowd favourites. The best part of our job is we HAVE to try a bit, just to make sure they’re up to scratch.

In the last week alone, we’ve managed to produce over 1000kg of chocolate treats. Last weekend we used our Enrobing Machine and Cooling Tunnel to produce some of our chocolate-coated goodies. The best part about Enrobing is the spectacle that it creates.

Here’s how we go about using our Enrobing tunnel…

Besides this, our team managed to create a few slab varieties, making sure the bays are filled with all of your favourite chocolate blocks. And our team didn’t stop there – we also managed to hand pack an incredible amount of treats – you just can’t slow us down.

Rocky Road Madness Strikes!

It’s time to bring out the winter warmers, and make sure we stay toasty warm over the next few months. One of our favourite treats over these cooler months is our delicious Rocky Road. We make three different varieties, White, Milk and Dark Chocolate, with each a favourite for many visitors. Last week Kyle a member of our Production Team got elbows deep in some delicious Rocky Road. Making over eight batches, which equates to 168kgs, Kyle was kept busy all day – and he wasn’t complaining. It’s a hard task having to create this popular range, and Kyle let us take some snaps of his creations.

Like we said earlier this month on our Facebook page, we use a combination of peanuts, glacé cherries, marshmallows, sultanas and a chocolate variety, to create our delicious Rocky Road. And the best part of when we make it – there’s always some to go around.

Be sure to stock up on these delicious varieties either in store or online today!

That’s all for now from our Melba’s team – be sure to pop in and stock up on all your favourites. Our factory is open every day (excluding Christmas & Boxing Day) 9am to 4.30pm.