New Banana Chocolate Flavour

July 26, 2014

Melba’s Chocolates is introducing a new chocolate flavour. It smells delicious! BANANA! Alex was busy making banana labradors, frogs and 3-piece Melba’s bars today.

Milk Chocolate Snowballs

July 17, 2014

We are not suggesting you start a snowball fight with these fluffy things… just close your eyes and let them melt on your tongue 😉  MILK CHOCOLATE SNOWBALLS DARK CHOCOLATE SNOWBALLS

Kid’s Bag

July 6, 2014

We dare to say, it’s every kid’s dream – not only a python snake, some colourful freckles and smarties, but also $5 Melba money! All this (and more) can be found in Melba’s signature Kid’s Bag. This is a real hit and your kids will love it…

What is better than Jelly Snakes? Chocolate Coated Jelly Snakes

June 19, 2014

We can imagine that it looks easy, but believe us, to create a perfect CHOCOLATE COATING on jelly snakes requires a lot of skills, perfect timing, right setting of the chocolate enrobing machine, not to mention right chocolate temperature as well as cooling temperature. The process of enrobing involves placing the items on the enrober’s […]

Rock this season with Melba’s Rocky Road

June 12, 2014

Loved by thousands, Melba’s Rocky Road is the perfect indulgence for cold winter nights. Choose from Milk, White or Dark Chocolate – and let’s not forget that we also have NO ADDED SUGAR one for you to try – order online today…

Melba’s Licorice Bag

May 24, 2014

Look what you get in Melba’s Chocolates signature Licorice Bag, just for $20! Soft Eating Licorice, Inch Licorice Blocks, Chocolate Aniseed Rings, Aniseed Sparkles, Licorice Bullets, Licorice Allsorts and $5 Melba Money. Who’s up for a bit of licorice awesomeness?