DAY 12 (2 days to go) – Every day you wait is one day you never get back

February 12, 2012

Every day you wait is one day you never get back. There is something very encouraging about these words. You can contemplate meaning of it all with your loved one. So, why not to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Wicks White Wine Basket? Perfect gift. WICKS WHITE WINE BASKET ($50)Wicks Estates Riesling 750mlMilk Freckles 150gMilk Sultana […]

DAY 10 (4 to go) – Give it a little try – that’s the thing about love

February 10, 2012

Sweet and sticky. Love is more than Valentine’s Day Turkish Delight, but this little present has ‘I think of you’ written all over it. And that’s the delightful thing about it. So, give it a little try. TURKISH DELIGHT ($6) 10 pieces in a clear plastic cup, featuring a red ribbon.

DAY 9 (5 to go) – Men are like a box of chocolates

February 10, 2012

Forget ‘Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars’… The real truth is, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates. At least, that’s the title of Elly Klein’s new book. It’s amusing and witty, so you or your loved one will certainly feel appreciated and inspired. This book is available, just in time for Valentine’s […]

Milk Chocolate Hearts – Valentine’s Day Movie

February 8, 2012

Watch this little movie about making Milk Chocolate Hearts at Melba’s Chocolate Factory for Valentine’s Day. The romantic song that accompanies it is by the very talented Justin Nozuka. So romantic! ONLY 6 DAYS TO VALENTINE’S DAY!

DAY 7 (7 days to go) – The purpose of our life is to be happy.

February 7, 2012

Love itself can’t be really measured, but you can use these Heart-Shaped Measuring Cups when cooking or baking. With only seven days to Valentine’s Day, the real countdown starts NOW! HEART-SHAPED MEASURING CUPS are available in two sizes, Heart Measuring Spoons for $8 and Heart Measuring Cups for $15.

DAY 6 (8 days to go) – Love is the poetry of the senses

February 6, 2012

You can’t go wrong with delicious Milk Chocolate Scorched Almonds for Valentine’s Day, especially when they come beautifully packaged in a Glass Vase with a decorative ribbon.  With love, from Melba’s Chocolate Woodside Factory. GLASS VASE WITH MILK CHOCOLATE SCHORCHED ALMONDS (300g) – only $12.

DAY 5 (9 days to go) – You are shaped by what you love

February 5, 2012

Look at these cute Cookie Cutters! They would make an excellent Valentine’s Day present if chocolate is not your type of thing. Or get creative and use them to bake something special for your loved one. COOKIE CUTTERS ($8 for a set of three different sized shapes)

DAY 4 (10 days to go to Valentine’s Day) – Love is a game that two can play and win

February 4, 2012

If love was a gift basket, it would probably look like Red Basket with Melba’s Favourites. Imagine smooth milk chocolate honeycomb or toffee apple boils. So indulgent, so delicious. RED BASKET $28.00Milk Chocolate Raspberry 180gMilk Chocolate Aprichocs 150gToffee Apple Boils 170gMilk Chocolate Rocky Road 200gMilk Chocolate Honeycomb 160gMilk Scorched Almonds 150g

DAY 3 – We can only learn to love by sharing

February 3, 2012

There’s plenty of Milk Chocolate Raspberries to share in this Red Dot Box with Ribbon. And yes, love is about sharing. This beautifully decorated box contains 1kg of Melba’s Milk Chocolate Raspberries and is available for $20 from Melba’s Chocolate Factory.